My work explores the physical presence of psychological states of mind. Through analysis of my own compulsions for perfection and order, and research into the psychology of hoarding and OCD, mental health, and philosophy, I am seeing the relationships between the mind and our physical environment in new ways.

As part of my research, I have visited environments that exemplify the relationships between our minds and the objects around us: the homes of those suffering from hoarding disorder and people with organizational OCD. Through the interviews and home visits I have done with those who suffer from these afflictions, I have come to see physical surroundings as a projection or manifestation of the mind. By making oil paintings and watercolors based on the reference photographs I have taken in these environments, I am not just painting still lifes of people’s possessions, I am painting portraits of their minds.

Although the visual language I use to depict these concepts in my paintings vary from series to series, all of my paintings are derived from thousands of photographs I have taken of my experiences and the settings I encounter. My compulsive photo taking is an important aspect of my ongoing research into the psychology of images and an integral part of my process of developing my images and ideas into paintings.