Richard Pasquarelli
Random Allegory
October 13- Novemeber 12, 2005
Luxe Gallery

LUXE GALLERY is proud to present the second solo show of Richard Pasquarelli.

In highly charged, psychologically dark paintings Richard Pasquarelli explores uncomfortable human circumstances in ambiguous narratives filled with disturbing innuendoes.  His disquieting images, situated at home or out in the City, feature places and subjects that all relate to one another through their common references to noir motifs fraught with sadness and even a touch of evil.  From headline news items on crime and forensics to the pathos of loneliness, empty rooms, secrets and suburban blight, the artist finds himself drawn to the dark side of existence.  This attitude toward life provides the underpinnings of his new Random Allegory series.

Pasquarelli creates crisp cutting edge paintings that lure the viewer with mysterious colors and seductive, gorgeous scenes.  Gradually the observer realizes that the pictures convey undefined ramifications.  The sleek polished surfaces display cold black and white reflections that suggest the impersonal atmospheres of institutional settings like hospitals or jails.  Pasquarelli's visually elegant allegories are rife with allusions to sanitized but seamy circumstances that elicit the feeling that something has gone very wrong.  One senses that the sad or sordid dark side of the story that his works obliquely hint at is waiting to be uncovered and completed by the viewer.  

Richard Pasquarelli has exhibited his paintings at The Miami Art Museum, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NJ Center for the Visual Arts, as well as in galleries in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, San Diego and Norway.  His work is included in several corporate and public collections including the US Library of Congress, the Bayerische Landesbank, and General Dynamics, Inc., to name but a few. His art is also in many private collections in New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Norway and Ecuador.  Pasquarelli graduated with a BFA from Syracuse Univrsity in 1990.  He is represented by LUXE Gallery in New York City.

Luxe Gallery, 24 West 5th Street,  New York, NY