Hours of The Day  By Richard Pasquarelli
Produced By Bravin Lee Programs / W Hotel / NYC

Hours Of The Day , (morning, noon, dusk, night),   digital mural on vinyl, 4 panels, 4' x 6' each.

Hours Of The Day, (morning, noon, dusk, night), digital mural on vinyl, 4 panels, 4' x 6' each.

Hours Of The Day (detail), Albany St. NYC,   digital mural on vinyl, 4' x 72'

Hours Of The Day (detail), Albany St. NYC, digital mural on vinyl, 4' x 72'


BravinLee Programs is pleased to present Richard Pasquarelli’s project Hours Of The Day at the W Hotel on 123 Greenwich Street. This is Richard’s third outdoor project for the Downtown Alliance’s Re: Construction program. All three are currently on view. Re:Construction is a public art program produced by the Downtown Alliance and funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. The temporary artworks help mitigate the impact of Downtown’s numerous building projects.

“Hours of the Day,” was installed on plywood barricades in front of the W Hotel on 123 Washington Street at the corner of Carlisle. This work explores the architecture of the building itself at multiple times of day and is inspired by Monet’s Rouen cathedral paintings and the repetitive pop style of Any Warhol. The Gwathmey Siegel designed W has a glass exterior that has a subtle grid pattern of white, grey and clear glass. Pasquarelli's work captures the subtlety in it, as he renders the corner of the facade and captures the light at morning, midday, dusk and night.

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